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ISPM-15 A grades

We can manufacture Brand New Euro Pallets to ISPM 15 at a very competive price.. Having our own Timber mill we are able to offer New Epal Euro Pallets at very competitive prices.. Give us a ring today to see what we could offer you.. We also hold a good stock of New euro pallets so we could also offer you a very good lead time.

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07518 672676


New Euro Pallets

Why Choose New Epal Euro Pallets

Choosing a new Epal Pallet you are guaranteed a high quality pallet. New and Used Euro Pallets can go through customers safely and can be delivered anywhere in the World. The Epal Euro Pallet is the most widespread pallet in the world with an estimate of around 500 million pallets in circulation of New and Used.

Heat Treated Pallets

Biomass Kiln- New Euro Pallets

All our New Euro Pallets are heat treated to ispm-15 and kiln dried to a very low moisture content of around 16%. We are manufacturing around 10,000 new euro pallets every week but we could increase this to 20,000 if we needed. All our kilns are run of our wood waste and we have invested £250,000 in a filtration system so we do not emit anything harmfull into the atmosphere.

Kiln Dried Epal Euro Pallets

What size is a New Euro Pallets

All our Euro pallets whether they are the Epal Euros or just a Light Weight Euro`s are manufactured to the European Standard size of 800mm x 1200mm. All our New Epal Euros have our Heat Treatment code and our Epal Licence number stamped on every pallet manufactured. For New euro pallets they are heat treated and kiln dried from new. For a competitive price please contact us today.

Phone Number - 07518 672 676